Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pretty Much Done..

Today felt like finishing the job so here's some progress. Seriously without mood, I cannot do it. That's why it is pretty slow progress. Plus I am a busy person (Ahaks!).

Paint stripping. Safety first! Glove only. Should wear long sleeve, long pants and something to cover up my face.

Old silicone that I used years ago had harden. So bought a new silicone sealant.

The RX3 grill had been resprayed to black color.

Here's the almost finish parts of RX3. Quite happy when it shine.

Fitting back the lense with new sealant.

Should be water-tight now.

Now only left the fitting of the cover and walla, it's new!

Some AutoSol will bring the shine back. Hopefully.

Friday, June 10, 2011

DIY : Tail Lamp Restoration.

*I actually had done this DIY process few years ago. You guys can check it out here for more further step explanation:
Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.

Stuffs for this DIY process are:

*Spray can. Bought two silver and one black color.
*Sand paper (400 and 1000)
*Paint stripper and brush.

Carefully remove the lenses as it will crack if you push it. Don't try your luck especially if its a pretty rare stuffs.

Clean all the stuffs and let it dry. Only after that you can judge if its restore able or not worth trying. In this case, everything are in good shape and I am pretty confident and with my previous experience, I can refurbish all of these hopefully. What make this project special is that the car sport a facelift of RX3, and to be exact the 10A facelift. Take note that the facelift itself cost thousands of Ringgit if you wanna buy it.

We manage to score a new set of front bumper signal. Thanks to the Ipoh trip and Wan DV for helping us sourcing stuffs.

Autosol is a great stuff. It can shine almost everything. This is due to its abrasive feature. What I don't like about it is that this thing eventually will 'polisht' up your skin too during the polishing process. Now I am in pain.

The cleaned lamp cover was sprayed to silver color to reflect the light bulb better.

And one of the worst thing I had experience was the paint removal of the bumper. Its my first time working with the paint removal and only after it touch my skin I know how corrosive this thing is! God I hate this thing. Time consuming and I only manage to do 1/3 of the bumper.

For the lenses restoration, what I did first was using the Autosol to rub off the top layer. I did my best for like two or three times before polishing it with Headlamp Polish. What differ these two polishing liquid are its abrasive grade. Autosol is pretty much coarse while the headlamp polish is fine. Shine effect can only be achieved after the fine grade of polish process.

Emblem done. For the second time, I manage to restore it again. Pretty happy with it.

My first attempt was two years ago. Heck, it was coincidence that both photo look similar!

The tail lamp cover. The right one had been restored to its glorious state while the left one havent. Cant do it today coz my hand hurt from too much exposure from Autosol.

One side done! :)

Two years ago, I restored these:

While it was on my Bee. I love this square tail lamp. Really muscular looking for Mazda 808.

Project RX808 : Began.

Anyway, the project had already began last week actually. Just I kept the story till I got some updates so that I can put some photos with it.

Here's the project car owner, Farhan. He owned the car and pretty much everything. So where did I fit in? The one who will finished the project with my creativity (Hopefully) with a budget given. We went to Ipoh to find some stuffs. Met him up there after my Pangkor trip.

He found a replacement hood for the car.

All the goodies I took back home.

Oh, I still haven't shared the car's photo. Here it is. Currently still in Perak for bodywork process. While waiting, I can restore all the parts.

I hope I can finished the project this time.With this, I am pleased to tell y'all that my old blog of Bumble Bee is gonna filled with the car's process.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bee's Sold.

I guess this is the end of me with her. I hope the new owner will continue the project and making her more attractive and hopefully he'll take a good care of the car. Just got the deposit and once a full payment is made, I shall give the grant to the new owner and also this blog space to the new owner in case he's interested to continue this diary.

A bit hard for me to let Bee's go. Got a lot of good and bad memory with the car. From the first breakdown until the latest one. LOL. How sweet the memory when Mok and me was dating with the car and the experience of doing repairs and undoing repairs with the car is good.

Time for me to move on. The next car? Unknown. No plan yet. Just want to focus on getting some money first before finding a new one.

Till then, see you somewhere else Bee!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

DIY : Engine Mounting.

Had nothing to do today, so I force myself to change the engine mounting so that the car will be drivable again. It's a sunny weather today. Quite rare in this month to have a sunny day. Did this from 4.30pm till 7pm. Haha. What I really excited was I did it myself. Without anyone helping. So, plus one into my own experience. Hehehe.

Here's the old rubber mounting. Sliced into half.

Jacking the engine. Using whatever tools that I have.

I removed the water hose, the battery and also the mounting. The hardest part was to remove the bolt due to lack of space. Took me around 1 hour to remove it.

Went to a local spare part shop, got myself a new rubber mounting. And on the right is the fucked up one.

And another 1 hour to fit in the new rubber mounting and adjusting the engine's height to fit it in. Urgh. Really not a good area to work. Too small till cant fit in my hands.

After that, refill back some water into the radiator, put back the battery, and try to start it. Yeah, it worked! And no vibration too. Test drove it and went back to the spare part shop. Initially I just wanted to exchange the starter that I bought the other day with something else, but the owner was kind enough to refund me. Wow, that's something rare also today. I bought a rubber ring to hang up my exhaust, and a H4 bulb for the lamp.

And in case nobody's buying the car, I bought a set of lug nuts for my rear rims. Its a special nut coz the nut have spacer and specially design to fit the rim and not 'boring' the rim holes. Also applied for SSR MKI and etc. And by next month, if nobody's buying the car, I'll send the car to do a proper wiring job, and maybe sending the car to paint shop? Who knows. Huahua.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time to Move On! Selling my Bee.

Mazda UC engine swap. 1.4cc. JPJ endorsed.
Just overhauled. Still in a running in process. Another 600km to go currently.
Oversize piston. Should be around 1.6cc now.
Port and polish.
Head already skimmed. Should be a high compression engine.
Electric fan.
New battery.
Weber DGAV 32/32 still not fitted.
External fuel pump still not fitted.

Front : S13 adjustable suspension consist TEIN coil with Kayaba 4x4 Climbing absorber.
Rear : 3 tonne lorry absorber with lowering block.

4 speed gearbox.
Lightened flywheel.
Welded diff.

Replica Mazda RX7 semi bucket for driver side.
4-point harness for driver.
Momo dish steering wheel.
White leather re wrap for the whole car. Roof lining, door, and all four seats.
Vacuum meter.
Jasma RPM meter.

Front : 13' x 7j -1 Wedsports (Advan A3A shape.)
Rear : 13' x 7j -30 maybe. Dunno what brand.
Duck tail from Honda EG. Still not fitted.
Fender flare.
Rear chrome bumper from RX3 (Rare).
Metal bodywork done to seal holes on the floor.
1.7' exhaust piping with Rotary style exhaust tip.
Refurbished square tail lamp from 818.
All chrome trim and bumper still intact and in good condition.

Reason selling: Upgrading to a better platform.

Price 1: RM 7000 nego.
Extra parts :
Open diff axle with spare leaf spring.
A pair of 13' x 6.5j 'Mangkuk' rim.
Dashboard in the meter area.
Retro wooden steering wheel.
Original steering wheel.
Refurbished original tail lamp.
Spare exhaust tips.
Mazda front emblem.
Rear pillar air vent.

Price 2: RM5000. I will take a few stuffs and replace it with its stock item:
Weber DGAV 32/32 worth RM350.
External fuel pump worth RM120.
Fender flare worth RM300.
13' x 7j -1 Wedsports (Advan A3A shape.) worth RM600.
Refurbished square tail lamp from 818 worth RM200.
Rear chrome bumper from RX3 (Rare). Unknown price tag.
Vacuum meter. Unknown price tag.
Voltmeter worth RM120.
Jasma RPM meter worth RM150.
Replica Mazda RX7 semi bucket for driver side worth RM550.
4-point harness for driver worth RM150.
Momo dish steering wheel worth RM200.

Location : Cheras, KL.

Contact no : 012 72 3345 4, Amar.

Extra notes :
Car's full diary at
Engine still in running in process. Another 600km to go.
Car is rebuild to be a a drift machine but still haven't got a chance to drift it.
All original parts still intact. Only badges missing.
Need a new paint job to make it looks nicer.

Thanks for viewing. Can't stand my parents nagging anymore, so gotta let it go.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Something That's Not So Funny..

What is happening to Bee right now? This is what's happening. Noticed anything different?

Anything now? Yes, the rubber mounting was sliced into half.

Hmmmm. Time to move on perhaps? S13? A31? 910? AE70? TE71? KE70? RX7? I know what's the best solution! Stay away from em'! Hahahahaha. Oh, Im starting to lose my patience. Slowly, and one at a time. Hmmm.